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Calm: the Journey of Inner Peace

Calm: the Journey of Inner Peace
Artist Shop: Damien Rose

Artist Info: Damien Rose
Categories: Sound Healing, Digital Playlists & Collections
Media Type: Download
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Price: $8.99

Contemplative Singing Bowls entwine with the sound of gentle falling rain and the occasional calling of a wild bird in the canyon, Damien Rose's new recording then adds the sounds of crystalline chimes, small temple bells, seeds rattling, and crickets at the “edge of the lake”. This Journey of Inner Peace is a healing sonic experience held together with ever present singing bowls leading us track by track deeper into the realm of calmness.

Elongated singing bowl tones holding space for us to peacefully fall into; beautiful melodies to capture our imagination, and the slow deep sound of large bowls played ever so softly enter our bodies with their loving vibration to connect to us our spirit nature. Inspired by the phrase “calmness is the best cure,” Damien melded together several recordings of his singing bowls until they naturally fell into place fulfilling his intention to provide the listener with a safe and familiar sacred space of CALM. Relax and feel yourself heal as you enjoy the journey!

1.) Clearing the Clouds
2.) Enchantment
3.) The Open Gate
4.) Edge of the Lake
5.) New Horizon
6.) Deep Valleys
7.) The Third Sun Appears
8.) Rendezvous
9.) Silent Circle

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Calm: the Journey of Inner Peace

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