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Media Type: CD
DJ Drez - Jahta Beat: The Lotus Memoirs

1.) Ganesh's Theme  -3:59
2.) Nectar Drop  -4:00
3.) Guru Mantra (feat. Marti Nikko)  -4:19
4.) Wind Talker (feat. Kirtaniyas and Domonic Dean Breaux)  -5:06
5.) Yearning  -4:53
6.) Dreaming East  -4:12
7.) Krishna's Dub (feat. Marti Nikko and Domonic Dean Breaux)  -7:15
8.) House of India (feat. Arjun Baba)  -8:43
9.) For What It's Worth (India Dub) (feat. Joey Lugassy)  -4:56
10.) Floating Sweetness  -5:30
11.) Shri (feat. Deepak Ramapriyan and Domonic Dean Breaux)   -4:45
12.) Radha Ramana (feat. Kirtaniyas)  -6:25
13.) Dragon Mudra (feat. Domonic Dean Breaux)  -5:22
14.) Selecta Move  -3:19
15.) Om Hrim (feat. Marti Nikko and Deepak Ramapriyan)  -4:40

On The Lotus Memoirs, DJ Drez adeptly leads us on a sonic journey through the lush soundscapes of downtempo hip hop beats, traditional Indian instrumentation, sacred mantras, and dub sensibility (and a touch of jazz). The fourth installment in Drez’ Jahta Beat series is big, bold and beautiful. Released on the newly launched Black Swan Sounds, The Lotus Memoirs is a clear mission statement for East/West fusion of music and culture, charting a new course and raising the already-high water mark for the yoga music revolution.

The brilliance of The Lotus Memoirs is that it is infectious and groovy while also elevating consciousness through the incorporation of mantra on many tracks. The blatant yogic (and even devotional) tint doesn’t compromise Drez’ musical pedigree; in fact, it clearly shows his personal evolution as a seeker and sound pioneer while still staying true to his roots.

Drez has artfully created an album deserving of bona fide street credibility in the underground LA hip hop scene where he cut his teeth to become an in-demand DJ, while also pleasing his Rasta brethren and pure Krishna devotees alike. Drez isn’t straddling worlds. Jahta Beat is his world – a sonic universe seamlessly and intelligently integrating his mystical path and musical tastes.

Jahta Beat: The Lotus Memoirs is a cohesive and coherent whole - a complete listening experience. From the dance hall to the yoga hall to the hall of fame, Drez has upped the ante as a true Stateside Sadhu, staying true to his roots while acknowledging and honoring where his mystic and musical path have taken him.

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