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This FREE Black Swan Wednesday offering comes from MC YOGI’s breakthrough 2015 album, Only Love Is Real. The digital version dropped earlier this year, wowing longtime fans and enticing newcomers to join the yogi MC’s Yoga Revolution. Now comes the CD release via Black Swan Sounds, adding a whole new physical dimension to the music, with its 28-page booklet, hand-designed by MC YOGI himself. It’s truly something to behold (and hold in your own two hands).

“Only Love Is Real” features Marti Nikko on guest vocals, lending her timeless voice to this modern and much-needed mantra. It’s a bold new sound from an artist that’s been fearlessly breaking down barriers since he burst on the scene in 2008.

We hope you enjoy this Free Song. As always, if you like it please share it, and thank you for listening. 

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Watch the new video from Brenda McMorrow's new release My Heart Bows Down to You!

New Release

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ACOUSTIC CHANT: Ukulele Kirtan Serenades CD & Songbook

by David Newman

Kirtan is the chanting of ancient devotional Sanskrit mantras, and a practice that David Newman has explored and enjoyed for many years. He more recently discovered the pleasure of chanting these ancient mantras accompanied by his ukulele. Acoustic Chant: Ukulele Kirtan Serenades is a celebration of this unique and delightful union.

This Acoustic Chant: Ukulele Kirtan Serenades CD & Songbook package is the result of David's collaboration with Parmita Pushman of White Swan Records. She felt that the engaging melodies of these traditional mantras, presented with simplicity, would make a perfect tool to support others in learning and practicing these healing chants. With this in mind, we decided to create a companion booklet for the CD. In the pages that follow, you will find sheet music with melodies and chords that can be used for instruments such as: ukulele, guitar, piano, harmonium and others. In addition, we have included the words and short translations that capture the universal essence of these kirtan chants. The CD is included in the package. Our hope is that you enjoy singing and playing these mantras and making them your own!



Deva & Miten and Manose talk about the next steps in their campaign to offer aid to survivors of the tremendously destructive earthquakes which struck Nepal in April 2015, including Manose’s visit to a village in Nepal where volunteers will build a new school. View Tour Dates & Buy Tix HERE! 


What's New

My Heart Bows Down to You  by Brenda McMorrow

The acclaimed Canadian devotional chant artist Brenda McMorrow is beloved for her unique and warmly embracing style of mantra music. She blends elements of acoustic folk and world rhythms with a sweetly introspective singer-songwriter’s sensibility as she crafts tuneful, uplifting interpretations of traditional Sanskrit mantras with her own inspiring lyrics and excerpts of poems by the Sufi mystic Rumi. Ram Dass said “Brenda McMorrow has a gift” -- and her gift of deeply spiritual but very accessible music has touched the hearts of listeners worldwide.

On this fourth album, My Heart Bows Down to You, she draws upon her extensive travels as an in-demand touring artist to weave fresh new flavors into her distinctive sound; time spent in Spain, Peru and Mexico inspired the introduction of Spanish lyrics in some songs, while yearly visits to India have helped nurture the place of clarity and transformative growth in which her songs take root.  The album includes liner notes that elucidate each mantra and offer the original Sanskrit chants along with the English and Spanish song lyrics.

Produced by Warren Huart (James Blunt, Trevor Hall), this new recording was largely crowd-funded by Brenda’s fans, and features the support of a talented cast of musicians and background singers on eleven sparkling original songs.

Regular Price: $16.99 :: Sale Price $13.99 - Order Here

Flute Meditations  by Gary Stroutsos

Originally trained as a jazz flutist (studying with jazz master flutist James Newton and Afro-Cuban master Danilo Lozano), the Seattle-based Vermont native has spent decades studying and performing world flute styles drawn from traditional cultures, working with elders and forging a unique sound all his own.  His work features American Indian music as well as Chinese, Cuban and American stylings that reflect his diverse influences. Evoking a spirit of place and the voices of the land, Gary’s work includes internationally acclaimed recordings at sacred sites, using the unique acoustics and history of each great space as the starting point for musical exploration -- a shared moment in a timeless place, where flute melodies both ancestral and modern play off one another and songs come alive, buoying and breathing through the generations.

Stroutsos has brought his music and stories to audiences throughout North America, as well as in Japan and Korea.  His most recent soundtrack work is currently featured nationally on the award-winning PBS series Desert Dreams by filmmaker Thomas Wiewandt.  His music has been heard on the soundtrack of Ken Burns’ Lewis and Clark: Journey of the Corps of Discovery, which led to a command performance at the White House for President Bill Clinton. His work has also been showcased on Jan Nickman’s Living Temples, on NPR broadcasts, New York Evening at the Pops, and the nationally syndicated radio program Echoes.

Regular Price: $11.99 Order Here

The Face of Love  by Liquid Bloom

Originally conceived by Amani Friend’s mother, ecstatic trance healer Bente Darma Friend, as a visionary spirit journey through the chakras of the body, this guided meditation voyage translates the cycle of energy centers into a richly resonant tapestry of sound.

Amani Friend and Rara Avis, of popular psy-trance collective Desert Dwellers, collaborated with such artists as Native American flute maestro Robert Mirabal and vocalist Sarah West, composing a multi-layered mosaic that includes overtone chanting, ethereal singing, shamanic invocations and natural atmospheres. In 2012, Amani met sacred performance artist Ixchel Prisma, and over the next two years they created the album Heart of the Shamans – utilizing the finely tuned arrangements of The Face of Love as the primary foundation for Ixchel’s ceremonial medicine songs.

Following this year’s release of Heart of the Shamans, here is the original version of The Face of Love, combining its enchanting musical palette with poetic healing guidance and body postures for each track’s corresponding chakra. Each phase of this cycle is a mirror for our soul, unfolding unique, spontaneous, ever-changing visions and insights.

Regular Price: $16.99 :: Sale Price $13.99 - Order Here

About White Swan Records

White Swan Records offers a complete menu of sonic textures designed to meet the musical needs of any lifestyle or listener. From Zen moods to dancefloor-igniting remixes, cross-cultural exploration is White Swan’s forte.

Phenomenal bestseller and mantra enchantress Deva Premal & Miten (over a million units sold) tops a growing roster of successful yoga, mantra and chant artists including Donna De Lory, Prem Joshua, Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band, David Newman (Durga Das), Stevin McNamara, Mercedes Bahleda, Avasa & Matthew Love and Brenda McMorrow.

And with the US yoga scene populated by 20 million practitioners (and growing), White Swan Records is perfectly positioned to expand its reputation as the leading purveyor of “yoga beat.”

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