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This FREE Black Swan Wednesday offering, our first of 2015 — Happy New Year! — comes from an exclusive Big Mind/Black Swan Sounds release from Canada’s global dub sound scientists, Eccodek. Remixing in Tongues (out today) features reworked tracks from Eccodek’s 2014 ISC award-winning album Singing in Tongues. This 7-track-strong suite is deliciously dense with dub, house, roots, electro and breakbeat remixes by talents like Real World's Dub Colossus, earlyW~rm, Rise Ashen, Morgan Doctor and, of course, Eccodek himself.

Remixed by Solus 3 (aka Transglobal Underground's Hamilton Lee), “In my tribe” puts a brick on the gas pedal and severs the brake line. The electro-tribalism of the original is transformed into a rocktacular breakbeat-infused burner — a prime example of the stellar work you’ll find throughout Remixing in Tongues.

The album is available in the US only from Black Swan Sounds. Purchase the CD and get a free copy of Eccodek’s Shivaboom CD to go along with it.

We hope you enjoy this free song. As always, thanks for listening and if you like it, please share it.

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New Release from Liquid Bloom

Heart of the Shamans

Heart of the Shamans - Ceremonial Medicine Songs was conceived as a sonic prayer, a lovingly-crafted ritual transport into the heart of the universe.

Its original arrangements by producer Amani Friend – aka Liquid Bloom – are skillfully interwoven with threads of global rhythms, sounds of natural atmospheres and evocative vocals. The music is inspired by such diverse sources as indigenous ceremonial dances of New Mexico’s deserts and pueblos, and sacred traditional ayahuasca invocations from Amazonian rainforest cultures.

COMING JANUARY 27th - PRE-ORDER NOW: Regular Price $16.99

Marti Nikko talks about the roots of her debut album, Dreaming In Sanskrit, recorded with and produced by DJ Drez.

Dreaming In Sanskrit will be released on February 17, 2015



What's New


The Road  by Avasa and Matthew Love

Pre-Order Now. A relaxed, tuneful blend of world, pop and devotional soul music, with anthemic ballads enhanced by Avasa & Matthew’s distinctive vocal chemistry – along with Sanskrit mantra, lullabies of light and celebratory melodic chants that inspire your feet to dance!

Regular Price: $16.99 - Pre-Order Here

Shakti Guitar by Stevin McNamara

Indian music has its roots in the ancient Vedic culture where it was originally used for religious and devotional purposes. Over the centuries it has developed into what we hear today. It is a living music that has been personally handed down from teacher to disciple over centuries – and cannot be learned in any other way.

As the years have gone by, all this music has grown into Stevin's personal style that encompasses all these influences and is now presented on the nylon string guitar. The concept of Shakti Guitar is to present a musical cycle of a complete day. We start at the first glimmer of dawn and move through the day and evening, ending in the deepest night where we go into our dreams.

Regular Price: $16.99 - Sale Price: $13.99 - Order Here

21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey with Deva Premal & Miten
In this elegantly packaged 5-CD set, beloved mantric troubadours Deva Premal & Miten lead 21 daily mantra meditations, relating each chant's significance and energetic properties to our daily lives. With the included guide containing the mantras and their translations (plus inner tunings and evocative images), this extraordinary meditation tool is an invaluable asset in developing your mantra practice.

Regular Price: $59.98 - Sale Price: $49.98 - Order Here

About White Swan Records

White Swan Records offers a complete menu of sonic textures designed to meet the musical needs of any lifestyle or listener. From Zen moods to dancefloor-igniting remixes, cross-cultural exploration is White Swan’s forte.

Phenomenal bestseller and mantra enchantress Deva Premal (over a half-million units sold) tops a growing roster of successful genre artists including Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Salif Keita, Donna De Lory and Prem Joshua.

And with the US yoga scene populated by 20 million practitioners (and growing), White Swan Records is perfectly positioned to expand its reputation as the leading purveyor of “yoga beat.”

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